I have missed several days in posting and to those of you that are following me I am terribly sorry. I have been caught up in helping others with some tasks they needed as well as getting caught up in a couple facebook games and homework and before I knew it the hours in the day were gone. And I was so proud only a couple weeks ago that I had posted everyday since starting, even if some days were not much of a post, they were at least something.

I think I am going to try a bit of a different format from now on. I will still post my photo of the day and say what the prompt was, but I will only say more about it if it is not self explanatory. I will keep doing my pic of me over in the gallery because I think that will be cool at the end of the year to see the different pics throughout the year. I will post the bible verse of the day but I will not comment on it unless I really feel it needs explaining.

Today’s photo is float.

I am still thinking about word of the day. Many of you would not be following or have seen this page if hadn’t been for word of the day so I might keep doing it for awhile. But when the site feels more like an obligation than a fun outlet then it is time for a change.

Today’s word of the day is territory. And this is why I am thinking about not doing word of the day. I haven’t a clue what to write about territory. Just not a word I would use in my everyday life. How about you?

I know I have talked about the womensbiblestudy.com that I have been following, but  yesterday I saw an incredible story on there. It was the story of Kristen Jan Anderson and her story of survival even when she was ready to end it all. If you get a chance I encourage you to listen to it or read her book. It was/is amazing.

Now that I have caught you up…for the most part I am going to get out of here for tonight, and hopefully be back tomorrow.


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