I did not realize until a few weeks ago that Jesus was with God when the whole world was created. At least that is the way it was described during a Bible study. Today’s scripture says the same thing. I have trouble understanding God to be three different things, but it was a bit easier to understand after I heard it explained that an egg had many parts but all the parts were the egg. There is the shell, the white, and the yolk just as God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. So that helps but I still struggle with it all.

Today’s photo prompt was something that starts with N. I chose Nola, she is our new pup in case you don’t remember. She is quite the character. Thus far her favorite toys are a twin sheet still in the packaging and a bowl she likes to toss around. She is becoming less scared of everything around here, and has even been in the kitchen off and on the past couple days. She and Zane are finally getting along, almost as well as the rest of the dogs get along with him. 😀

Today’s word of the day is ordinary. To day was very ordinary. It was my last vacation day. We didnt do anything exciting. The hubs fix my sink drain so when you use the garbage disposal it doesn’t link anymore. Other than that we did nothing today. The kids will be by tomorrow to get their stuff and move to their new apartment. They are excited, and I am excited for them. I hope everything works out great for them, they really deserve for it too. It was really nice out today, but tomorrow they are calling for storms. Hoping the kids can get everything moved before it storms on em.


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