The Psalms are so full of joy and uplifting praise. Today’s scripture is as well. Talking about how everyone that turns to the Lord shall rejoice and sing not for a moment but forever. That those who love the Lord shall be protected by Him because He will surround them in a shield of love. Doesn’t that make for a beautiful picture in your mind? I know it does mine.

Photo prompt today is anything, so I chose to use my two boy dogs, Bubba and Zane. They were stacked on each other on the couch. Zane loves to sleep on the other dogs. I always say you can’t have just one cause Boxers are like potato chips. And Zane makes them like Pringles cause he makes them stackable. 🙂

Today’s word of the day is symptom. I think last week I had all the symptoms of Spring fever, now that it is Spring break and I have been off week I think the symptoms have subsided but I am only off for three more days and I don’t yet want to go back to work. LOL.

I have had three of my grand babies visit this week. That made me very happy. My youngest had to see his doctor about his hernia, and his sister stayed with me during that. His mom and dad stayed two night down here. One of my daughters came by yesterday with her little boy and then we went to Walmart for a bit. On top of that I have fixed a water leak, fixed the tub drain so it drains properly, and purchased the material to fix my kitchen drain. It has been an overall good week. I wish I had more of them, or better yet, I wish I could just be a stay at home wife. I hope ya all have had a good week too.


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