Think about this the next time you feel like no cares or you are feeling insignificant. God believes you to be the light of the world. Compares you to a city on a hilltop, can’t hide there. I think that is awesome.

Today’s photo prompt is stripes. I couldn’t find anything to use, so I made my own stripes. I think they are pretty. šŸ™‚

Word of the day is acceptance. We have acceptance that the grandson’s surgery will not be until the end of June. The kids came down for the baby’s appointment today and only found out that they wouldn’t do surgery just yet. They want to wait till he has grown, and gotten stronger. The are taking donations from anyone that wants to give on their GoFundMe account. You can donate as little as $5. I and they appreciate anything that you can donate. they are having to travel from Henderson Ky to Nashville TN and do not have much money the way it is.


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