Such a wonderful thought in its bare bones way. We are all connected not by one person but by two. We all will die, but we all can live forever. It is up to us though as to whether we live forever. We have no say so about being born and living in a sinful world, we do have a say so as to if we believe in Christ and if we accept His gift to live forever.

Photo prompt today is button. So I have chosen to use my youngest grandson’s belly button. If you have been following his saga you know that he is supposed to have surgery for two hernias tomorrow. Well now they are telling his momma and daddy that they may or may not do the surgery tomorrow. They have to meet with the surgeon in the morning and he will decide then as when the surgery will be. These folks do not have lots of money and the trip up and back has been expensive both times. So we are hoping there doesn’t have to be a third trip. If you would like to help them out there is a GoFundMe account set up for them to help them out.

Word of the day is minimal. Good word cause I need to keep this to the minimal today because it is soooo late. I had to post a bit and then save to get it on the correct day. It has been busy this evening with my son and his family getting in late I almost missed posting. Hope ya all have a good night/morning.


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