Today’s scripture simply tells us why God saved us. Not because of wheat we do or did, but because it was always his plan. It was/is his way to show us His grace. I know it is hard for many of us to understand, myself included.

Today’s photo prompt is a wall. I chose to use our achievement wall here at the house. Well, at least that is what I call it. My associates degrees and the hubs’ associate, bachelors, and masters degrees are all up there. In less the year, about mid January I will have my bachelors degree, on to get my masters if I ever figure out where I want to go. I would like to find  Christian college, but I would also like to have a school that offers video lectures for their classes.

Today’s word of the day is label. I have a drain in the upstairs bathroom that is very slow draining, like turn on the shower and the thing is almost full before you get done with the shower slow. So while I was getting the piece to fix my leaky faucet today I was going to get some Draino. The guy at Lowes told me I should try this tool first. According to the label this looks like it could be very gross. I am hoping that it works though, I am real tired of this drain.


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