Reading this I am reminded that he who is in world is not bigger than He that is within me. Those who keep their thoughts and actions on the Lord and what the Lord would have us do and ignore the the world are better off.

Photo prompt of the day is orange. So I used the orange juice container. I drink a glass of OJ every morning. I usually drink my OJ with ice and mixed with Sprite. I don’t know why but I started mixing it with Sprite years ago and now I just like it best that way.

Today’s word of the day is conquer.  I wish my son could conquer his demons and be able to settle down with a good job an family. I won’t air all his dirty laundry but his life is such a soap opera. With the women and the kids, I just have to sit back, wait it out, and pray. So you could just pray that his life would get stable and he would come to Jesus, that would be great, and now I have to get homework done.


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