Do you ever wonder exactly how Jesus was able to take our sins and die for us? I know I find it difficult to understand. It is one of those things that we just have trust and believe in by faith and faith alone.

Today’s daily photo prompt is daily. So as Zane was falling asleep for his daily afternoon nap I took a picture of him. He is so cute and sweet when he sleeps. He is so mean and rotten when he is awake.

Today’s word of the day is controversy. Interesting that this word is the word of the day. I have been reading about the controversy over when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Some believe that it was millions of years ago. Others believe that dinosaurs and people roamed the earth at the same time. Me? Well I only just started reading so I haven’t a clue. All I am sure of is there was dinosaurs and now there is not.

I had been looking forward to today for most of the week. My daughter, her husband, and my grandson were coming up today to do some packing and help clean the garage. Next weekend they are moving into an apartment. Last weekend they were coming up by my grandson was sick.  I had planned to cook for them and spend all evening together. Only problem is they came packed up some stuff while I hung out with the J man, then we cleaned the garage and they left. They were only here for about 5 hours total. Now I am sitting here upset and rather hurt, especially since no one understands why I am upset.

My JMan…


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