I do my best to take comfort in the fact that God is with be, by my side, everyday all day. I attempt not to worry and stay upbeat.  However, I have my moments when I think but then why…. fill in the blank.  But hey He knows best so all things in His time.

I am soooo tired today. I mean like sitting here typing this I am trying to stay awake. It has been rainy and dreary all day.  My daughter is coming tomorrow to pack up their stuff, they are finally going to get an apartment, they move in next weekend.  She is so excited. Next week my newest grandson goes to have his hernia surgery. I will let ya know how it goes.

Today’s photo prompt is off center. I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided on the dinner. all the containers are on one side, I figured that is about as off center as you can get. 😀 And yes it is Bojangles. We like Bojangles it makes for a tasty meal.

Today’s word of the day is luck. I hesitate to use this, cause I don’t want to jinx anything, but here goes. With any luck the hubs will have a job in the next few weeks. He had an interview the other day and another on Monday, two different places but hey that is twice as many interviews than hes had in the past few weeks. He would really really like to get the one he interviewed with yesterday, so if you could keep him lifted up in prayer or light a candle for him that would great. Thanks.


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