A gift from God, The gift from God. That of eternal life and all we have to do is believe and accept. None of us can take credit for such a task though.All of this is of God, by God.

Photo prompt of the day is key. I chose to use my house keys because they are cute. I was going to be creative and take a picture of some cupcakes and say they were the key to my happiness, but I forgot to take the picture of the cupcakes at work. lol It is a coworkers 40th birthday on Sunday and we had a party for her today at work.

Today’s word of the day is massive. Today was s massive slow day. I went to get ice cream for the birthday party at work got back we surprised the coworker, we ate and got back to doing work, I thought it was about 2:30…reality it was only 12:30 the rest of the day just poked along until it was finally 4:30.

I sprayed color in my hair today, pink and blue. Most everyone liked it. My boss was not thrilled about it, but I was not surprised. She isn’t thrilled my a lot. 😀 I have been catching up on past sermons at OneChurch.tv I have been enjoying them if you have a chance check them out. I think you will like them. Ooops, I just realized it is Thursday and I have homework due, so you all have a great night.


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