These have been so easy lately. I know from the bible studies I have doing lately that not all the verses are so straight forward and not all can stand alone. By not standing alone I mean that some verses should not be taken out of context and need the verse(s) before and after it. Today’s verse tells us to put out hope in the salvation Christ offers us and the promise that he will come back. You ever wonder when Jesus will come back? Many think it’s been over 2000 years what’s the hold up. I heard a sermon a couple weeks ago that made me think. The pastor said that if Jesus had came back a year ago, 5 years ago, or 20 years ago think how many people would not have been saved. He said that Jesus is trying to hold out so as many people as possible will come to accept him before he comes back. Made sense to me.

The photo prompt today is movement. I chose to use my hubs playing with a dog collar this morning. It is hard to show movement in a pic.

Today’s word of the day is immerse. As of late I have been immersing myself in bible studies and online church sermons. I just can’t seem to learn enough about what is in the bible. I now the basics and the popular stories. Ya now the beginning, the end, and the story of Jesus. It is the the rest that I want to learn about.

It is cold here today…and yesterday. Most of January and February was unseasonably warm and we all thought winter had skipped us. I mean even a week ago it was in the 70s. Today and tomorrow are just barely 40. It’s the new puppy, Nola, birthday today. Her and the one that was the youngest are slowly starting to get along better when I am around. Sometimes I think I need a more interesting life.


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