I like when the daily scripture just says what it means. The word of the Lord holds true, I take that to refer to the Bible. And since the Bible is true we can trust everything that God does. It doesn’t get much more simple.

Photo prompt today is horizon. I would have like to got a pretty picture of the horizon. But it was a cold, overcast and rainy day. So the horizon reflects the overcast dreariness of the day. It would have been a good day to sleep all day, but work had other things for me to do. lol. They frown on me sleeping the day away, something about not paying me to sleep. 😀

Today’s word of the day is record. Hmmm re-cord or rec-ord. I could go either way right? Let’s go with for the record our newest pup will be 1 year old tomorrow. We haven’t had even a week yet. She is getting along fairly well. Our youngest before her is still jealous of his mommy having a new puppy around. When I am not around they get along fine. She seems rather timid for having come from a home with people and another dog. She acts more like a stray that has been taken in. If I hadn’t been given her by someone I would think she was a stray. I reckon in time they will all get along and she will be just like the rest. I should record some of the play time between these guys those videos would have ya all in stitches. 😀


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