Well there is a verse that will make ya think. Let’s break it down a bit. If you heart is flooded with light, you are filled with the Holy Spirit because that is the light in us. So if you are filled with the Holy Spirit they you can understand the confident hope that God has given to you. Each of us are those he called, it is just up to us to recognize that and come to Him. At least that is the way I see it.

Photo prompt today is glass. So what better to use than a glass filled with wine. We had goulash for dinner, and what goes better than a nice glass of red wine? Apothic Red was my choice of wine tonight. I have only tried the Red and Crush. The Red i like the Crush is ok, but in my opinion not as good as the Red.

Today’s word is murmuration. Maybe you are smarter than me and you are like yeah I can totally use that word. I had to look it up, I have never used the word murmuration in a sentence and WordPress insist I am spelling it wrong, lol. I looked it up and it is either the act of murmuring or a flock of starlings. No wonder I have never used it in a sentence. I wouldn’t know a flock of starlings if they were in my backyard. And if someone was murmuring I don’t know that it would be interesting enough to use the word murmuration to explain it. πŸ˜€ Not that my blog is full of excitement and entertainment.

We lost an hour last night 😦 I hate this it will take me a week to get caught up. When I was younger it was like move the clock this way or that yeah big deal. Now that I am older it really messes with me. It is like 9:30 now and I still have homework today and I feel like I should have all evening yet. I did color my hair today, we totally light blonde, now I can put some colors like pink and blue in it and mess with a coworker who thinks that is so unprofessional. Whatever. I think I mentioned we got a new dog the other day. Our youngest is still having issues with her. Hoping he can get over jealousy or she can be less timid and give him what for before too long. Well off to do home work.


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