I just finished a bible study on the book of Joshua. The bible study touched on the same thing this verse says. The study brought up the fact that to many of us are all me me me when we should be focusing on God and how what we do and say should point toward God and all our accolades should turn back to the glory of God. This verse, to me, says the same thing.

Photo prompt today is two tone. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use for it most of the day. This morning I couldn’t have used the bush because it was covered in snow. Yep March 11th and  it snowed this morning. It was all gone by noon, and the roads were never anything more than wet but the yards and decks and such had a bit of snow. It was pretty to watch that is for sure.

Today’s word of the day is pattern. I wish I could get the cloth and pattern I would need to make some doll clothes for my grand daughters. I remember how much I enjoyed the barbie clothes my granma made for me. I wish I had never gotten rid of them. But as we age we think our grandparents will be there forever and as we out grow toys we don’t them around anymore.

I went grocery shopping today. While shopping I was in the cereal isle. There were some grandparents talking to their grandson, who was about 3 or 4,  about cereal. The grandmother had asked the boy about the cereal he would like, he picked cocoa pebbles. The grandmother didn’t like this, told him he wouldn’t eat it. I also heard her tell the grandfather she had a coupon for Kellogg’s cereal. I chuckled to myself listening to the them. I went on with the rest of my shopping. When I was checking out I noticed them in the checkout next to mine. Guess what they were buying…yep, Cocoa Pebbles. 😀


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