I find it ironic when the radio station does a pledge drive and their scripture of the day includes something about giving money. But in all honesty each of us must decide from within our hearts if and what we will give. We should feel we have to or be pressured to.

Today’s photo prompt is miniature. I don’t really have any miniatures so I chose my littlest boxer Zane, he is like a miniature boxer. lol. He is my baby.

Today’s word prompt is nuance. Good word of the day. We got a new dog today.
She is an almost 1 year old boxer, named Nola. Compared to the others, well Zane and Zoey anyway she is a nuance. She is subtly different from them in size and color. 😀 She still has puppy breath, which some might love but I do not I think it stinks so I hope it goes away soon. She likes Bubba, Bubba however well he is not impressed. Zoey likes her, she tries to protect her from Zane. And Zane so far wants to rough her up (thats the way he plays). We shall see what tomorrow brings.


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