Oh how true this is. It goes back to what I was saying some weeks back, if I had all the gems in the world they would do me no good if all I did was sit and look at them. Money is made to spend. Sure saving it is good. And spending it furiously is bad. But if you have all that you need and you never give to help others, that is just wrong. Not only to me, but even God said that being generous and giving is what we are supposed to.

Today’s photo prompt is fave part of the day. I chose the time of day when the dogs are cuddly and sleepin. Love it when they are good, and when they are sleeping I know they are going to be good. 🙂

Today’s word of the day is nervous. I hate to be nervous, the feeling it makes in my tummy is just awful. When I am nervous I don’t sleep well and I eat too much. Nervous is like sitting on a fence and wondering which side you will land on.

Today was a bit crazy, I didn’t have to work cause I was getting tires put on the truck. We ordered tires about a week ago and were picking them up at Walmart. I started out going there, realized I forgot my coupons. I went to get gas, went back and got the coupons and on to Walmart I went. I got there, turned the truck over to them and then I get called, they can’t find the key for the lug nuts. I figure it is at home from when we changed the brakes. I decide to call the hubs on my way home to get the key. Find out from the hubs the key is indeed in the truck so I turn around back to Walmart. When I get there they have decided the tires we ordered will not fit our truck, they refused to put them on. So luckily they had a set that would fit. Not exactly what I would have chose, but they worked. They were cheaper, and they do make for a smooth ride.


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