I have always had an issue with the idea of “fearing God”. I mean I would much rather love God than fear him. Wouldn’t you rather have people do what you want because they want to please you because of their love for you. Or would you rather people do what you want be cause they are afraid of you? I often wonder if that particular term was mistranslated way back when.

Photo prompt today is on. So I took a pic of the box that was left ON my porch. Yep an Amazon order. I know have some water color pencils and a bible note pen set. There is a bit of story behind the box though. You see I placed the order back last Wednesday 3/1. As of Sunday it was still being processed saying that it would be shipped on this Wednesday 3/8. I was not pleased, a week to grab a couple things and toss them in a box? So I wrote them an email expressing my disappointment in the way the order was being handled. They did not email me back, however, the order finished processing  Sunday night, shipped out yesterday, and arrived yesterday.

Today’s word of the day is ruminate. Well first I had to figure out what ruminate meant. LOL if nothing else word of the day definitely adds to my vocabulary…now if I remember the words is a whole other story. 🙂 In case, like me, you don’t know what ruminate means, it means to think deeply about something. I ruminate about what I will do after I get my degree.

Updates on life… The grandson is out of the hospital but they did nothing while he was there. They basically sent him home with a keep feeding him and we will see what happens attitude.  On a brighter note, we are getting tires put on the truck tomorrow, it needs them bad.


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