I can’t help but think of all the people that are deemed not worthy to attend certain churches. Or that God can’t love them because _____ (fill in the blank). Yet everything God created is good. So how are we to judge others? We were instructed to love each other and yet we do a much better job of judging each other.

Photo prompt today is in the air. The flag blowing around looked like a perfect subject for in the air. I wish my camera took better pictures at night. Or maybe it was because it was so far away. I reckon it would be better with an actual camera and not a phone.

Word prompt for the day is swarm. Last year my hubs was mowing the yard only to run over a hornet nest. A swarm of hornets came out immediately after him. He was stung several times, but luckily he is not allergic and did not suffer any adverse effects.

If you could extend your thoughts and prayers to my newest grandson, Dakota Lee Camp. He isn’t gaining weight since he was born over a week ago. He is in the hospital now to get to the bottom of what is going on.


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