Funny I don’t read anywhere in today’s scripture that being chosen by God means we should be judgmental, hateful, or superior. No, it says we should be clothed in tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Personally I believe if after meeting me and even more after getting to know me if someone can think wow she is Christ like, then I have done all I can do. I would much rather touch your heart and be kind then judge you.

Today’s photo prompt is a pic of me. I chose one from about 21 years ago. I had posted it on Facebook because I had been talking about getting my hair cut off, which I did yesterday. I used this as an example because it was the last time I had my hair so short. I like it short, my hubs not so much. But I think lots of guys are that way, they like women with long hair. Of course they don’t have to take care of it, or be on the receiving end when the dogs are walking on it or the babies are pulling it.

Today’s word prompt is vivid. This weekend will be a very vivid memory for some time. It started out very well. I had a hair appointment Saturday morning, I got up in time and made it there. I even got the hair cut for free because I donated my hair to Wigs for Kids. Great morning. Then when I got home and the hubs went out to change the brake pads on the truck it went down hill from there. The pads they gave me were the wrong ones, the rotor needed replaced, as well as the caliper. Now here is the problem, the hubs had everything a part, unable to reassemble  and we only have the one vehicle. So, I called my daughter who lives about an hour away to see if she would come help. She did. I went to the auto parts store got everything got it home the hubs got it all on. Only the brakes were not working quite right. We had bled them but the air wasn’t all coming out. Fast forward to today the hubs decides, from reading online, that the ABS needs bled. So he figures Firestone can do that, he isn’t attempting that one. Well we sit there for about 2 hours only to find out the caliper he put on the night before is the wrong one and is actually upside down, not allowing the air to escape. So back to the auto parts store for another caliper. Back to the house to put it on and we finally get the brakes bled and they work properly, yay!!! Best of all we didn’t hit anyone last night or today when they were less than perfect. The weekend didn’t go as planned, but at least we have working brakes on the truck.


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