Well I reckon that explains itself. If we live by the Holy Spirit then we should follow where the Holy Spirit leads us in all things. Some have think they can follow the Spirit in some areas and not have to in other areas.

Today’s photo prompt is contrast. I had some trouble figuring out what to use. Finally I decided on the lunch box. Sometime the photo prompt are a bit difficult, at least for me, to figure out what to use.

Today’s word prompt is parlay. Ok, I started not knowing what parlay even was. Turns out it is when you use the winnings from gambling to continue gambling. Such as if you placed $10 on red and won you would then use the $20 and place it on even. That would be a parlay, who knew?

Sorry for the late, short post today. It has been one of those days. Didn’t even get dinner till 9 pm. We had some issues trying to get the brakes changed on the truck. It took most of the day, of course we thought it would only take about 30 mins to an hour.


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