Do you think you are complex? Many of us think we are just simple folks but each of us was put here for a reason. If you are like me you probably wonder daily what that reason was. I was born in 1971 and I was 2 months premature weighing in at only 2lb 6oz.  When I was about 18 mos old I had a terrible ear infection with a high fever and convolutions. When I was around 2 or a little younger I choked on a fig newton cookie, had it not been for my dad I would have died. When I was 4 I fell into a pool and would have drown had my dad not been there to save me. So many times I should have died, and yet here I am at 46 years old still alive. Why? What’s my purpose? I haven’t a clue. I am as clueless as most of you are as to why I am here or what I am suppose to do while I am here.

Today’s photo prompt is upside down. I chose the A1 bottle for a particular reason. You will notice on the side of the A1 bottle it says for steak, pork, and chicken. I am curious why does it specifically say steak and not beef? It states pork and chicken not the parts of them. I know A1 is a steak sauce and all but there is such a thing as pork steak so doesn’t steak already cover pork? Just my thoughts on A1 sauce. 😀

Word prompt of the day is desire. I have a desire to help others. I often wonder when I will finally have the degree I need to do just that. I have considered developing an advice column of sorts. More of a come here tell me your woes and lets see together what options you may have. The problem is though I have the desire I lack the knowledge of getting it active. If any of you reading can help feel free to email me any advice.

Way-FM is having a pledge drive, if you feel so inclined to donate you can do so here. I get my scripture of the day from Way-FM. They are all I listen to when I am listening to the radio. I like the upbeat inspirational message they spread. When I am feeling down or ignored I can turn them on almost always have a song speak to me.


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