Today’s scripture makes me think of the feeling you get when you give to help others. Whether it is sponsoring a child or giving to a local Christian radio station ministry, or giving at church, or even to the guy on the corner. When you offer up what you have to someone who does not and you do it of your own free will it feels good, and it makes your heart sing. Or maybe that is just me. But if it was just me would today’s verse be there?

Today’s photo prompt was my breakfast. And the picture is not exactly my breakfast. I actually forgot to take a picture of my scrambled eggs and waffles this morning. So, I did the next best thing. I found an old bag from when a donut was breakfast and used it. I must say Dunkin’ Donuts is one of my fave places. I like their coffee better than Starbucks, and I like their donuts better than Krispy Kreme too. I think the only donuts I like better, and that is only cake donuts, are Casey’s donuts.

Today’s word prompt is doubt. I use the app on my phone to take notes from the Sunday sermon. I have been following’s series on being a mess. Well I missed the bulletin from the first week, I have weeks 2  – 5. I started last night going through the ones I could find and I doubt I ever find the one I am looking for. Maybe if I email them they can give the link to the one I am missing. I just hate to have all bout the first one.

It is my youngest grand daughter’s birthday today. She is one today, she is the one that didn’t want to sleep over the weekend.
This is a picture I took of her Sunday.


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