Today’s scripture request us to look at the promises God has made us, and then in my opinion we it is saying we should strive to do what God asks so that he may reward us in the way he has said he would. I would give an example here, but as I have stated previous I am new to much of this and I can not just rattle off scripture like those that have spent years reading their bible.

Today’s photo prompt is something blue. I chose to use my daily medicine clasp. I put my daily meds, vitamins, and supplements in a weekly box. Each day has it own pack, this way I can be sure I take what I need to take each day.

Today’s word prompt is hesitate. I was on my way home work tonight, stopped to get gas, and someone stopped to ask if I might have some loose change to help them out. She said she knew no one carried cash anymore but any change I might have would help. With all the trouble we have had lately with money you would think I would give her the couple of quarters I had and call it a day. But I did not hesitate, I went in and got a $20 from the ATM. Did I do it because I felt sorry for her or because I believed everything she said? No, I did it because if I had all the riches in the world and just sat on them I would have nothing, but I can help just one person then I have done what I am here to do. I honestly believe we are here to help one another in any and all ways that we can.


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