Maybe that is my issue, maybe the things I ask for just are not what pleases God. Though I am unsure how asking for my husband to get job is not pleasing to God. But all things in His time, as of now my prayers to keep food on the table and the necessities have all been paid for another month.

Today’s photo prompt…well one day this month the photo prompt was treasure. It would seem that I had one of those really long days and I took the picture of my treasure. However, I believe by the end of the day I looked at the next days photo prompt and took another pic, over wrote my original and uploaded it. So instead of tearing all of the pages down and redoing all of them, I would just add treasure to the end. 😀 My treasure I chose to use my necklaces and my rings. I don’t wear them all everyday, but every day I wear some of them.

Today’s word prompt is quicken. I am not sure what to say about quicken. I guess it is that time of year. I reckon some people are out there using quicken to get their records together to file their taxes. Me, I don’t have so many financial things that I have to keep records. I use my w-2  and whatever that form my college sends and turbo tax and boom, done.

Well here we are, two months and I have successfully posted everyday, did a photo a day via a prompt, a photo of me a day, and kept up with my bible study. Can’t believe we are already two months through this year.

For anyone wondering, Dakota’s, the new baby, surgery for his hernia is scheduled for March 29th.


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