Ok I will admit I do not do this very well. Today’s scripture says for us to ask God to point out anything in us that offends Him so that he might get us back on path. I tend to want to do what I want to do. It is a learning process and I am learning, I have not graduated yet.

Photo prompt today is evening sky and if you are visiting my blog before tomorrow evening then you are not seeing a picture. I missed the prompt until it was already night so I will have to be late posting the picture.

Today’s word prompt is center. My hubs and I are trying to decide on tires for our truck. In the center of it all we need to find the least expensive tire that isn’t a cheap tire. I drive about 120 miles a day so a cheap tire that will wear to quickly won’t be worth the money. Goodness only knows when we will be able to put new tires on it again. The ones on it have last 2 and a half years.

Thought for the day, people are like potato chips. Some of them get all the good stuff others get barely any.

The picture of the day is now up…though I have found an error in my photos, it seems I have missed a day this month so I will be putting it up on today’s post.


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