Today’s scripture is like the old adage if you lie down with wolves you will get fleas. Sure having nonbeliever friends is fine. How would you witness and lead others to Christ if you only hung out with believers? In a quick answer you probably wouldn’t, sure there are cases you could but anyway. The point is it is fine to have friends that are not believers, you just need to be aware of your actions and not let them lead you down a path that goes against your beliefs. Take the opportunities given to lead your friends to Christ.

Today’s photo prompt is new. I thought a fitting picture would be of my new grand baby in my arms. If you have been follow along with the blog, thank you to those that are signed up as followers, you know the little man has had a rough start. After getting to Vandy on Friday they decided on Saturday that they want to wait to do his hernia surgery. They want him more stable so they are waiting a couple weeks. He got to come home today, and since I had his sister they had to come by my house.  He is so tiny and cuddly.

Today’s word prompt is jiggle. A fun word jiggle. Jello jiggles, doesn’t everyone love jello? My daughter loves the jello and cream mixture they sell in the deli area at the grocery. Of course jiggle could be not so fun if you are talking about cellulite and it jiggling. But hey it is life and at least ya know if it is jiggling it is real, and I would rather be a jiggly real person than fake.


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