When our troubles pass and we are not being tried we tend to move away from the Lord. When we don’t feel a need for the Lord we start to pull away. Instead we need to stay in constant contact with God, always talk with Him, always listen to Him, always praise Him in the good times and the bad. This is what I think of when I read today’s scripture.

Today’s picture prompt is drip. This one was hard for me. I finally settled on the drops of orange juice dripping back down the jug to the bottom. I thought about a drip of dog drool but 1.) that is gross and 2.) them dogs never do what ya what when ya what. 😀

Today’s word prompt is slur. Should we use slur as in speech when words run together. Or maybe we should use slur as in an insult. I hope I never consume so much alcohol that I slur again. I really don’t have a need to consume that much alcohol. I enjoy a glass or two of wine and an occasional mixed drink, but the majority of it just hurts my tummy anymore. I also would prefer not to speak poorly of others and use slurs against them. I don’t like to be ugly about other people. I am not perfect so I can’t say it doesn’t happen from time to time. But I try to be mindful and not say bad things about others. Mainly because I don’t like when others say bad things about me.

Today was a special day. Why? Because I got a new grandson today.
His name is Dakota Lee. He weighs 6 lbs 10 oz and is 21 1/2 long.
Looks to have his dads attitude, lol. I told his dad that he wold be taller than him by the time he was 5. My son is only like 5’6″.

This brings me to 6 grands, 4 grand daughters and 2 grand sons.


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