I like today’s scripture. I is telling us not to be patting ourselves on the back, but rather pay more attention to the Lord. If our eyes are on the Lord they aren’t following evil.

If you are female, I guess even if you are not, I have found a new bible study app that I am enjoying. It is called the Women’s Bible StudyCover art I hear it is available on many platforms, but I only use it on my android tablet. I do encourage you check it out.

Today’s picture prompt was on the shelf. I chose my shelves that I have my mom’s ashes, pics of my mom and uncle as babies, my dog that I lost in August ashes, pics of my children when they were babies and lots of snowmen. It won’t be long before I will put my snowmen up for the year. The weather has been so warm, in the 70s, that I probably should already have them up. But, I love snowmen so I am going to get everyday I can out of them.

Today’s word prompt is rhythmic. This one took some thought. I finally started thinking about the rhythmic sound of the waves hitting the beach. I can walk down Daytona Beach and all my stress and worries drift away. I would love to live there so I could go to the beach every day. I only wonder what life is like if you live where you can just walk down the beach and listen tot he rhythmic sounds every evening after work. Maybe one day I can find out, there will have to be a job for the hubs and myself first. Goodness only knows I will probably be dead before I can retire.

I want to get my hair cut but I am getting mixed feedback. I would like get something like this.  Just not sure how that hair and my head will work. I reckon it is only hair and if it doesn’t work it will grow out.


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