Today’s scripture simply asks for God to guide us forward and keep us on solid ground. What more could we ask for then to have someone to turn to for guidance and assistance to land in the right spot. God is always there to ask for guidance, we just need to ask.

Photo prompt today is lines. My pic is my  hand, because it used to be smooth and young and not it is full of lines and not so young. It is crazy how quickly you just look down one day and boom you have your mom’s hands. I used to have such smooth soft hands. Now that they are older they are still soft buy now they look older.

The word prompt of the day is hideout. I need a hideout, well I guess I have a hideout of sorts, my craft room could be hideout. However, I never seem to get in there. What is wrong with me? Most women would love to have an entire room that they could go to and do their crafts. Me? I can’t seem to leave my husband alone to do his own thing, maybe cause he is home alone all week, so I feel bad if I leave him alone on the weekend too.


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