To show God we are worthy of being selected as the holy people that He loves, we should always show mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience to others. This is today’s scripture. What do you think? Does God deserve for you to show these characteristics to others? If God freely gives to us should we expect others to earn the same things from us? I am fairly new to all of this but I don’t think feel that we can expect others to earn our kindness and mercy and such if God so freely gives His to us. I, however, don’t think we should live our lives as doormats, letting others just walk all over us. If you are kind to someone, and you show them mercy and gentleness and they in turn crap all over you I think they then have to earn back your kindness and trust.

Today’s photo prompt is a habit, and as you can see I chose to use my WordPress ap on my phone. I figured for the past what 49 or so days I have posted here. They say after three weeks something becomes a habit, so there you go. I enjoy coming here and rambling on about just stuffs. I do hope those of you following enjoying reading it, feel free to share with anyone you think might like it. My goal is for some day have a large following maybe someday to even have a vlog. I don’t think I would do a vlog daily though, maybe weekly. But first the blog has to take off. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that 9 of you are following now and thank you everyday even if I don’t say it, but I have big dreams of hundreds of followers.

Today’s word prompt translate. I find it ironic how many things we translate in the this country for others. I mean do other countries translate things the way we do for foreigners? I have heard they do not, I have not been out of the country so I cannot say for sure. I do know if I was going to a country where English was not the primary language I would do my best to learn the language, especially important phrases like where is the bathroom, or how much is this going to be. I think it is important and actually show a level of disrespect to go to another country and not speak any of their language and expect them to speak yours. Maybe that makes me politically incorrect, but I am not asking anyone to do anything I wouldn’t myself do.

Small update on my finances. I have been kind of freaking out because the hubs still hasn’t found employment and we are basically leaving on what I make. Well I don’t remember if I said but his unemployment was approved so we will have that, and we found out today we will be getting a refund on our taxes that will at least cover a couple months worth of rent. So, though it wasn’t my exact prayers, I do feel like my prayers were answered because we can pay the necessary bills, eat, and have gas in the truck. Keep the faith.


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