It has been a long week, at least I feel like it has been. It is now Friday night and I am sitting here writing this just thinking about bed. Hate to be tired on Friday nights, means the weekend is going to be even quicker than normal. Today’s scripture is the first of the ten commandments. Basically God’s way of saying it is me fool, no one else. But ya know when you are the beginning and the end, when you are the be all to end all why would you want anyone to put anyone or anything before you?

Today’s photo prompt is sport. Now I don’t play any sports and I don’t watch any sports that are currently on. I like baseball, football, and NASCAR. So I had to do some thinking on what I was going to use for a picture. I finally decided on the sport of dodge car. Nashville, like most cities, has terrible traffic. Not as bad as some cities, but still it is traffic, Friday’s are even worse. I took this pic just as I got on the highway, it was bad yet.

Today’s word prompt is juicy. The weather was quite warm, about 70, today. When it gets warm like this it makes me think of yummy fresh home grown juicy tomatoes. I LOVE tomatoes, especially homegrown straight from the garden ones. I can eat them till my mouth is all sore. Great now I as some yummy tomatoes.

I learned something new today. First I must preface with I did not grow up in a faith based family or really in church so my bible knowledge is limited. That being said, I read today that God records our tears. Now God is very old I mean like beginning of time old so I am figuring he doesn’t store His stuff digitally so I am worried I may be taking up more than my share in Heaven  I say this because I am a crier. I mean seriously sad commercial I cry, sad story on the radio I cry, TVs and movies I cry, I get mad I cry, I get sad I cry, I am extremely happy I cry. Oh those sappy stories and videos on Facebook, yep I cry at those to. So you can see where I think I may be taking up more than my own space in heaven.

Found a new podcast called Lore from a wonderful women, who also blogs and is sooo funny, Jen Lawson. The podcast has introduced me to a new place I want to visit. The place is Afterglow Vista. You can listen about it on the podcast, episode 4, or you can read about it and see pics by clicking the name. OK, I have rambled enough, I am out.


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