Looking at today’s scripture, God’s compassion and unconditional love have been offered by God for many many years. Do you ever feel like God doesn’t have compassion for you or that His love isn’t there for you? I know I do, especially when I feel like every day I am struggling to keep my head above water and I see others getting rewarded for what looks like working a tenth as hard as I am.

Today’s photo prompt is The View From Here. My photo was taken on my way leaving work. My view from here was when almost every one had left for the day, my view was an almost empty parking lot. That is my view four out of the five days a week. I am usually one of the last to leave Monday thru Thursday.

Today’s word prompt is squat. If I did more squats along with other exercises and ate better I would lose weight. Though I don’t know what I would look like thin. Maybe that is why I never stick with a new exercise program or diet, I just cannot visualize myself thin. I was a chunky kid, I was fat teen, I just have never been thin that I can remember anyway. I lost quite a bit of weight before having my children but I still wasn’t thin, roughly I was a size 18 at the time. I am 5′ 4″ so a size 18 is not huge but it is a healthy size. I need a computer program that I can just pop myself into and it will let me see what I would look like at different weights. Wouldn’t that be nice if they had an easy to use program that you took a full body pic in your underwear, uploaded the pic and boom you could adjust weight hair color and such?


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