Don’t fake it till you make it, that is what today’s scripture is saying. At least that is what I am reading. It says not to pretend, but to really love others. I think we spend too much time judging people and not just loving them.

Today’s photo prompt is flat lay. I had never heard of this before, so I had to look it up. Turns out a flat lay is simply objects laid out on a flat surface and taken a pic from above. I am calling mine ready for work. I have my mouse, pen, post its, and cup.

Today’s word prompt is seriousness. My lack of seriousness about got me fired one time. I am not an overly serious person, I just am not. I would much rather see people laugh and smile. I think the world around us is to dang serious the way it is, why should I add to that. But back to almost getting fired. I took a lamp to work, to use so I could turn the overhead florescent lights out and have a softer light. Well I left work one night and forgot to turn of the lamp. The director of my department came in early and noticed there was a light on, when I got in my boss asked if I had left a lamp on. I kind of laughed and said yes I had oops. Well the director found out I had laughed about it and actually wanted to get rid of me over it. Stating that it was serious, lamps were the number one cause of house fires. I had never heard that before. Luckily my boss talked her out of it. This has been about four years ago now, the director know me better now. I am just the type that deflects with humor.

Welcome to our new followers. Those of you that are following, if there is something you would like to see here let me know what it is.


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