I have to start tonight by saying welcome to the new followers and thank your for following. I sacrificed some sleep last night to make my post, and you rewarded me by doubling the amount of followers I have. Thanks so much.

Today’s scripture maybe should have started a verse before. The “this” that is spoken of is a race of faith leaving sin behind. We accomplish that by keeping our focus on Jesus. Because Jesus is the one and only that can perfect our faith.

Today’s photo prompt is the view from here. The pic is the view from my house looking out back if look really, really close you can see the small river that is back there. I wish I had the money to sod the yard. I love the way a sodded yard looks and feels. Of course we have to get rid of the Moles or the dogs will be diggin up the sod. A sodded yard is so lush and green and beautiful. Today’s photo prompt just happens to be lush.

The hubs job search continues. If we had a dollar for every email he got saying hey your resume matches this job, would you be interested? He wouldn’t need a job. The problem is he gets sent jobs that have nothing to do with his resume. He has a masters in IT security, or something like that, and just got an email today for the director of the Red Cross. So do to his lack of finding lucrative employment he has decided to try tutoring. So if you or someone you know is in need of a tutor for technology type stuffs you can contact him here. From what i understand he can tutor regardless of where you live.

I about ran out of gas today. I went to work knowing I had enough to get there and I would just get gas before heading home. Remember I work like 60 miles from home, with that being said, I left work got on the highway and headed home. You notice no where in that sentence did I say I stopped for gas. About a quarter of the way home I look down and notice I have about 30 miles to empty. It was at that moment  I remembered I was suppose to get gas. Did I immediately exit to get gas? No, no I did not. I kept going figuring if I got down to 10 miles to empty near an exit I would get gas then. I finally made it to 10 miles to go at exit 1, my exit to get off and get to my house. Made it to the gas station and then put 24.6 gallons of gas in the truck. That was a close one.


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