We are going to have to keep things short tonight, it has been one of those days where one thing led into another and now here it is 11pm and I have to leave for work at 6:30am.

We will start with some little unknown facts. There is a China, Maine…didn’t know that until tonight while hubs was continuing his job search. (No, he didn’t get the job we were hoping he would get. ย And the second one that he thought he was getting close to getting that we were concerned about the out of state training had a video conference call that they didn’t call him on today when they were suppose to.) So things are not looking great today for the job search. Also did you know if you haven’t seen your shadow in sometime that thing will scare the heck out of you? I now know why that pesky groundhog gets startled. ๐Ÿ˜› I was walking across the parking lot at work the other afternoon, we finally had a bit of sun shining, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move that made me jump. Turns out it was my shadow…yeah you can laugh, I did.

Today’s Scripture another that needs little said about it. If you do the right thing and love always you will find life, honor, and righteousness. So go out do the right thing regardless of what others think. Love instead of judge all those around you and you too shall be rewarded. Though I am not sure when that reward will come. I like to think I do what is right, and I do my best not to judge and yet I feel my life is falling apart one piece at a time.

Today’s photo prompt is treat. You see I used a box of girl scout cookies. My treat today, thanks to my daughter were these yummy cookies. I know a zillion people say thin mints are their faves, but Do-Si-Dos are my favorite Girl Scout cookie. They are healthy too, don’t believe me? The have peanut butter on the inside and the outsides are made with oatmeal, sounds healthy to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

Today’s word prompt is criticize. I don’t like to criticize others, especially to their face. That is probably because I also avoid confrontation. I just don’t like making others mad, I want everyone to like me. I am ok with people telling me how to fix something or how to make something better, I am not ok with people just ripping on something to make themselves feel better or just to be mean.

OK, I am calling it a night so I can get some sleep so I don’t kill me or anyone else driving to work tomorrow.


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