It is not Wednesday…though I keep thinking it is. I am going to be very sad when my week has an extra day. 🙂 I hate when I get ahead of myself in days it tends to last all week.

Today’s photo prompt is fashion, now you don’t know me all that well yet, but if you did you know how off that prompt is for me. I finally decided to use a picture of my nicest pair of shoes. They are as close to heels as I own and yet surprisingly comfy too. People laugh when I say I have heels on when wearing them but hey they add height therefore they are heels. 🙂

Today’s scripture I don’t even have to give input on, it is fairly black and white this one. It basically just says that a day in the presence of God is better than a thousand days elsewhere. I don’t think I can expand on that.

Today’s word prompt is Tremble. A good word for today. It has been raining and storming all day…well most of the day. It started this morning while I was fixing breakfast. It was thundering hard enough I swear it shook the house. The minute it started Bubba came running. He hates thunder it makes him tremble and hide. He is the biggest dog we have and the biggest baby as well. It thunders and suddenly I have an extra appendage. It is storming again now and he is laying beside me again.


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