Monday, oh Monday..gotta love the Monday. Today’s photo prompt is corner. I decided I would point out that this corner needs cleaning. Luckily it is not in my house, woo hoo mine is not the only place that has corners that need cleaning. LOL. I wasn’t sure what kind of corner I was going to use until I saw this cobweb floating in the corner waving at me. 😀

Today’s scripture is above. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I think believing that is related to today’s scripture. Everything happening for a reason is what happens when God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him. What do you think?

Today’s word prompt Lovingly. I would lovingly enter a contest to take my hubs on a cruise but I am not so sure he would appreciate it. You see WAY-FM is having a contest for Valentine’s day, you enter with a poem about your spouse and the winner gets a cabin on the cruise this summer. Well, my hubs might like the cruise well enough, but since it is Christian based I don’t think he would appreciate that part. But it is to Alaska in mid July so that would be a plus, I think.

Speaking of the hubs, he may have a job. Fingers crossed, prayers said. We will know more tomorrow hopefully. The draw back is if he gets it they are talking about training in Utah for a week. Anyone know anywhere that helps fund training trips for a new employees? I figure they may pay for the transportation there and back but don’t know that they will pay for things such as a rental car, food while he is there, ya know those kinds of things. But I refuse to worry about, I am good with letting God figure out the details, I will sit back and wait and watch for the next instructions.


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