Today’s scripture is so fitting. They say that God speaks to us thru scripture, and I heard this one loud and clear. If you have been following my blog you know that money, or the lack there of, has been an issue for me. Then I got this in my inbox this morning for the Word on the Way Scripture of the day. Telling me straight up to be satisfied with what I have, that God will not fail me nor abandon me. I will do my best to not worry about when the hubs will get a job, and just keep faith that in the right time he will get the right job, until then God has us.

Today’s word prompt is Craft. I love to craft, or maybe I love the idea of crafting. I have quite a bit of craft stuff I just don’t make enough time to use the stuff I have. I keep saying I am going to paint, but then I let other things get in the way and I don’t paint. I finally got the craft stuff into the craft room so I have no excuse other than I would rather sit on my hind end with the hubs watching TV and listening to audio books.

Today’s photo prompt is morning sky. Now if I was a really early riser you would see a beautiful sun rise, but I am not much of an early riser. This morning I was wanting to listen/watch an online broadcast from OneChurch.tv They have their services online at 9:00 am and 10:30 am. I knew I couldn’t do the 10:30 because the other service I watch airs at 10:45 with Awaken. I have just recently found One Church and wanted to check them out, I went to bed rather late and was afraid I would oversleep. Well no the dogs helped me out. One went out at 7:30 and I thought oh great I will not be able to stay awake till 9, well at about 1o till 9 Zoey woke me up to out so I was able to watch the 9 am services. I did enjoy and would recommend folks checking them out and watching their Address the Mess series it has been very good.Anyway the morning sky was taken from the upstairs window at about 8 am.

I should be doing homework right now, but hey writing the blog is more fun. Some days I wonder why I went back to school. Especially when I look over and see my hubs who has went back and got his Masters in IT Security and is not having the best of luck finding a job. Makes me wonder if I am going to school to just keep the same job I have now? I would much rather help people that are in need than be a routing specialist that is for sure.


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