I must start today’s post with a Woo Hoo, I have followers thank you to those that have chosen to follow the blog. I cannot promise that everyday will be entertaining or that I am funny, but I do promise to always keep it real. Feel free to invite others and comment anytime. Thanks again for following.

Today’s word prompt is recognize. Good word. I need to recognize when I am hungry and when I am just feeding my feelings. I am sure I would weigh less if I would do this. I mean earlier today I ate chips, probably half a bag, and like eight cookies. Who needs chips and cookies? I was bored and doing homework and every time I do homework it seems I “need” chips. I recognize the trigger, but I have yet to be able to overcome it. Don’t even get me started on cake and cookies. I don’t even need a reason other than it is day or it is night. I do not understand folks that can go on these no carb diets. I mean really no bread, pasta, cake, or cookies. I am pretty sure I would die.

So today’s scripture is fairly to the point and self explanatory. It states that God teaches us what is good and lead us along the paths we should follow. I wonder though how many of us a.) pay attention to what He teaches and b.) follow the paths that He leads us along. I know am guilty of not doing either. Then I find myself in situations where I am begging God to help get me out. I reckon if I would listen and follow to begin with I would reap better rewards in the end.

Today’s photo prompt is mix. So of course I grabbed a cake mix from the cupboard. This is a new one for me. I have never had a blue velvet cake, until a couple weeks ago I didn’t even know there was such a thing as blue velvet. I try to make a cake each Sunday it allows the hubs and I something sweet each day without over doing it. Well at least that is the idea behind it. Now that it is just the two of us a cake will last us the whole week.


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