I think today’s scripture says lots. It took me reading it a few times before I truly understood it. To me it says we should be an example to others, rather then pointing fingers and telling people what they are doing wrong. Only in doing this can we silence those who speak out against us. If people are pointing fingers at and judging you but you are living right by the Lord the joke will be on them.

Today’s photo prompt is Light. What better choice was there then one of my favorite bible chapters, 1 Corinthians chapter 13. It is a light for all of our lives. It speaks of having love in your life for without love we have nothing.

Today’s word prompt is Clean. I like this one. I wish I were more of a clean freak. I mean I like a clean house, and I like being able to find things. However, I don’t so much like to clean. I am the one who could cook and bake all day but would be happier if someone would come along behind me and clean up the kitchen behind me. I have already decided that once the hubs gets back to work and we get some stuff caught up I am hiring a cleaner. I don’t care if it is just once a week. At least once a week all the floors will be clean, the baseboards and corners will be cobweb, dog hair, and dust free. Just the thought makes me happy.


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