Happy Hump Day! We have made it half way through the week. Word prompt today is resist. I was thinking back to a sermon, that can be watched here, the idea was stop blaming start changing. However, most of us resist change and therefore spend more time blaming. Just check your Facebook feed, I am sure there are post after post of blaming someone, some group, or something. I know mine is. I can only imagine what the world would be like if all of us were changing instead of blaming, I am included in this I too am guilty of blaming instead of changing.

You will notice something new this month, the daily scripture. I am going to post a new one each day. I get them in my email from WAY-FM. If I am not listening to an audio book on the way to or from work then I am listening to WAY-FM. I enjoy not only the music but the message and the personalities on this station.

Today’s photo prompt is A Street. Had I thought of it on my way to work I would have taken a pic leaving the house on my way, but I did not. On the way home it would be too dark to take a pic of the street. So since my daily work is dealing with maps and bus routes I took a pic of A street on the map I use every day.


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