Today the high was 67 and it is Tuesday, on Friday the high is going to be freakin 37. Now I get it, it is winter but seriously be cold or don’t but I don’t want all the seasons in one week. It is amazing we all aren’t in the hospital with pneumonia. I do have two coworkers that are sick and several of our drivers have been out sick.

Today’s photo prompt is something colorful, so I decided what is more colorful than a paint color chart. Sometime back Golden sent me this chart. Each color is an actual paint swipe. Eventually I want each of those colors in a tube of paint. I reckon I had better start painting if I want to justify buying paint huh? I did get the craft room switched over last weekend. I still have some of the Grandson’s stuff in there but at least my craft stuff is now in there. I do need a chair…and eventually a desk.

Word prompt of the day is scent. I don’t know how good I am at these word prompts. Scent does nothing for me. Scent leads me to smell and that doesn’t even stir up a story for me. Sorry, I reckon I am just tired. Zoey and I took turns waken up last night, we couldn’t get on the same schedule so I was up 4 times.

On a different note, it is the last day of January and I have completed my 30 day bible study, started a read through the bible in a year program, taken a pic of my self everyday and done my pic a day everyday. I have also completed 17 books, and will have 2 more done by the end of the week, so I am on schedule to have at least 3 books a week read thus far. 11 months to go. 🙂



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