Today’s word prompt is replacement. I need a replacement for this word lol. I am unsure what to make with this word. So sorry I am not going anywhere with this one.

Today’s photo prompt is Hello!. I was unsure what I was going to do with this one. I considered having the folks at work stick there heads out from their cubicle and taking a pic of the isle with their heads sticking out saying “hello”. Well that didn’t work because one coworker was out all day, one left early sick, and one left early taking a personal day so I had to chose a different route. I decided to take some letters from magazines and create my own hello, so there ya have it my Hello.

My brother has started his own inspiration blog, so far he is doing well with it. I encourage you to check him out. You can find him under the blogs I follow, McBride Motivation. He would like to make it to be an inspirational speaker. I hope he does, he deserves great things.

I want to start a couple of nonprofit type organizations to help those that fall between making too much for any type of assistance and having enough to cover every bill and emergency. I would also like to help students K-12, being sure they had full bellies, someone to listen to them, and having fun while staying out of trouble. It really does take a village, especially these days. I don’t know if we are going forward or back, but we need to come together and help each other out.


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