Oh it is Sunday night again. I am not a big fan of Sunday night, why? because it means tomorrow is Monday. I really need the hubs to get a job so I can find something I love to do. Actually I need probably finish school before I even think about changing jobs, and that is going to be a hot minute. About this time next year I will have Bachelor’s done. Then I will still have to obtain my masters. My end goal though is just to help people, it is what I feel I am called to do, help those that are either in need financially or those that feel all alone and need someone on their side. Even if it just means someone that will listen to them.

Today’s photo prompt is shadow. So you get to see my Bubba and his shadow tonight. He is a good model. He listens fairly well so I can get him to sit and stay and get the pic I want…as long as I don’t want anything to special.

Today’s word prompt is yellow. My first thought when reading it was don’t eat the yellow snow. 🙂 Of course I live in middle Tennessee so eating any color snow is very difficult. I don’t get to see much snow, and when I do I think the most I have seen down here is about 4 inches. I can remember back home a good snow being about a foot. We could make snow ice cream even, yum!

My most excitement today came when trying to get the neighbor dog back home. I am quite the dog person, actually animal person, I love em all. We came back from dumping the trash today and the neighbor dog was out of his fence. I was worried for him, I didn’t want him to run off or get out in the road and get hit. So I was going to try to let them know, they are not overly friendly folks. However, Mr. Big Head as I have come to name him didn’t want me in his yard. He is a very large headed pit bull. He is a beautiful dog, but I could tell he was quite scared of me. He would growl and bark at me if I came too close to him or his yard. When I would walk back to my yard he would chase after me, but if I stopped and turned around he would stop, bark, and back off quickly. I didn’t want to push the issue with him, as I didn’t want him to bite me because he was scared. I did my best to talk to him and keep him out of the road. I thought his momma and daddy would come out and see why he was barking but they never did. I finally gave him one of my dogs’ chews to give him something to do instead of chasing cars and then I didn’t see him again so I am hopeful the neighbors finally took him in.


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