Love the weekends. Because they allow me time to play with my pups. Zane is in both of my pictures today. The photo prompt for today was Sign, well when Zane gets sleepy he licks his paws. Much like a baby would suck their thumb. So I did my best to get a pic of him licking his paw, as a Sign he was tired. The pic is a bit blurry but he was moving. 🙂

Yesterday came and went with no new job for the hubs. If you read this please say a prayer, light a candle, do what you do when you want things to happen for us that he would get a call to come to work Monday. Not just an interview, but a job.

Speaking of prayers and such, tomorrow is Sunday and if you have not a church and want to attend one may I suggest Awaken Church. I you can’t drive that far, or you just don’t want to get out of your jammies you can also watch them online. They have a link on the website to the live feed on Sundays.

I have a new daily task. I found this thing called a daily prompt, it is suppose to give you something to write about each day. I thought what they heck, not only will it give me a topic, it will open the opportunity for some advertising so to speak.

Today’s daily prompt is Automatic. I can’t help but think of Prince every time I say that word. A-U-T-Omatic, I can hear him sing. Good song, but many of Prince’s songs were good. He had a way about him that is for sure. I was surprised when he died for the amount of lives he had touched. You just don’t know about some people’s lives until they are no longer here.


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