Happy Thursday. It is not only Thursday it is the last Thursday of the month. I have made it 26 days into the year and so far so good on both of my pic a day projects and my bible study. I have also been able to make a post on here every day since I created it. I have also completed 13 books thus far for the year. I don’t read perse, I instead listen to my books. When you have a two hour commute everyday you find something to do. My goal is to get through at least 104 books, I would like to get to 156 this year, that is 3 books a week. So far I am on target with the three a week, I just have to maintain. Now that the hubs is out of work that number could drop if I don’t find some books to listen to on my own. He and I are currently making our way through Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. If you are not familiar with the series and like to read (or listen) I highly suggest this series. The books are decently written and very funny. The first few were really short, we are on book 11 and it past few have been about twice the length of the early ones but still very good.

Still no word on a job for the hubs so I am still broke. 🙂 Yeah I am still smiling, what else can I do. I really feel like he is going to get the job he last interviewed for, they are just being very slow in contacting him. I really really need them to hurry up. If you know of any tech/computer jobs in the Nashville, TN area let me know I gotta a guy.

Photo Prompt today was Yum! On Thursday’s pending I can afford it I usually buy dinner out because I get home late and have to be back to work early so it makes for an easier night. So I used my dinner for today’s photo. I am not a big meatball fan, as a matter of fact I would say I don’t really like them at all. However, there is a pizza place up here called Marco’s Pizza and their meatballs are awesome!!! It is actually called a Meatball Bake and you can find it on their online menu under bread, I know strange place to have it. It is $9.99 and I would rather have their meatball bake then anything on their menu. They do have good pizza, I am just partial to their Meatball Bake.


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