A rather uneventful day. I have made it home two nights in a row in just under an hour. The sad part is that is my excitement for the week lol. I did read the Chip and Joanna Gains story today. Very good book I would recommend it everyone. I obviously need to learn to listen to God the way Joanna did/does. Their life has been quite the bountiful adventure thus far. I often wish I was raised in a more faith filled family, but I was not. I don’t remember my dad ever going to church and my mom only went with me and/or my brother a handful of times. I can’t say that I went all the time, nor did my baby brother. I don’t remember my middle brother ever going. My belief system has ran all across the religious gamete. I married a man that doesn’t believe in God so I went from one non faith filled home to another so to speak. I would say that he and I were pretty much on the same page at one time but since then I have grown, or maybe he never believed and I just had questions. I don’t know at any rate he doesn’t believe at all and I would like to attend church and become part of community that would allow us make friends, do good things for other people, and just in general give life a purpose.

Today’s photo prompt is What I Do. I am a routing specialist at the school district. The photo is my work space and purposely blurry so you can’t read the screen. 🙂 My job entails assigning students to bus stops, routing and rerouting buses, and creating new routes.


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