Winter has come back that is for sure. They say it was in the 50s today but the wind was crazy cold making it feel much, much colder. So much for the to warm to be normal weather.

I have been doing the “Winter Meltdown Challenge” at work so I have been eating healthy or at least more so than normal. Today I realized it is very challenging to tell yourself you are not hungry when yourself responds by making your tummy rumble. I also need to wash lunchboxes due to lunches of salad with tuna packs my lunchbox does not smell very appetizing at the moment. I am wondering if you can place soft lunchboxes in the dishwasher…I guess I will find out this weekend.

Found a wonderful design idea for the craft room, just need the space and bit of money to get it all together. Once I have a set up craft room I then have to be able to go to it. I am weird I guess, when I am home with the hubs I hate to leave him alone if he has nothing to do. It is like I feel obligated to entertain him even if we are doing nothing more than sitting in the same room watching TV together. What makes me feel it is my job to sit with him?

Photo Prompt today was This is Mine. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use. I ended up using my water glass and my tablet. I almost always have my water glass with me and my tablet is with me 75% of the time.


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