Today’s photo prompt was grow. So I chose to use Zane who needs to grow to be as big as his sister, then maybe she wouldn’t steal his food lol. You can also see the mess they are making with their breakfast this morning (the food all over the floor). I gave them some oatmeal with their kibble and of course they ate all the oatmeal while dumping the kibble all over the place. Silly dogs.

In other news I am so over this election and president stuff. No I am not thrilled with Donald Trump being president but I am also not going out and breaking windows, laying in the streets, and causing chaos. I know there were lots of protest today in most of the larger cities throughout the US most were titled women marches. Me and my twisted sense of humor saw all the folks at the DC one and immediately though who is doing all the cooking and cleaning today. Just a joke, don’t anyone go getting all high and mighty on me, I am a woman too. Do I think Trump will be great for this country? No, I do not but he is the president, for the next four years at least, so it is what it is.

I was going to paint this weekend, but that didn’t work out quite right. I moved all my craft stuff upstairs last weekend, but the room I am going to use isn’t cleaned out yet. I don’t have a table or desk in there yet so I need to get the room taken care of before I can paint in it. Maybe tomorrow I get things packed up and get started moving a table and such in there. Once we start getting some money coming in again I want to get a nice craft table and some storage in there.


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