Finally Friday, TGIF!!! It’s been a long stressful week. I cannot say that the weekend will be less stressful because my stress comes from not enough money, and not knowing if/when the hubs will have a new job. Unless the weekend brings a job for the hubs I don’t see the stress ending. But it does allow me to stay home and paint, play online games, and love on my dogs which all help alleviate my stress at least.

Here is a question for everyone, why is cannot one word but will not and do not are two words? I always feel very weird typing cannot as one word. The English language is just weird. I mean to shorten do not you type don’t and to shorten will not you type won’t where did that o come from?

Today’s photo prompt was Something White, I chose clouds. I didn’t think I was going to get the pic I wanted. When I got to work there were several nice clouds but I was on my phone talking to my daughter. I went in the building came out to the truck and all the clouds were gone. It was only about a 10 minute time span I was like where did they disappear to? A little later in the day I was able to get a picture of a few decent white clouds.


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